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In 2012, HotFootMoto was purchased and moved to Michigan. From the designer of the original split chain slider that facilitated easy install, better wear design and longer lasting material comes the next generation. A better design with the rider in mind. We now have more UV protection to maintain your color and high quality bearings in the rollers for added life. We make the best parts available at any cost. I’m a rider and I listen to riders for better ideas and new products. We have a passion for the motorcycle industry and many years experience with motorcycle parts and accessories. Hot Foot Moto LLC will be expanding our product line weekly with new and innovative products for the ATV and motorcycle industry. If you don't see a part on the website, please send an email. Hot Foot Moto can reproduce many obsolete rubber parts as long as you have an original part in decent shape. Our polyurethane is the highest grade material available on the market today. We use only the best products so that we can prodvide our customers with long-lasting quality parts. Polyurethane will outlast standard rubber products 10 to 1 as it will not dry rot and crack. 

We do not have a retail storefront. Please do not show up without contacting us first. 

Hot Foot Moto LLC
4481 Hobart Road
Gagetown, MI 48735